Covid-19 and Safety at L.E.X

L.E.X. Weekday Specials

Adventure Planet.

Toddler Time

Airtime360 and Adventure Planet. (one carer only jumps free)

Under 5 year olds have exclusive access to the Airtime360 trampolines and can also play in Adventure Planet till 3pm when booking this session. Book the 9:30am session of Adventure Planet to access this special.

Airtime360 and Adventure Planet 3-11 year olds

11.00am to 3pm

Unlimited bounce and play in Airtime360 and Adventure Planet for 3+ to 11 year olds.
Book any Airtime360 session from 11am to 3pm to access this special.
11am to 3pm for $16.50


11am to 3pm $16.50

Book any Airtime360 session between 11am and 3pm to access up to 4 hours of Airtime360 fun. (includes Adventure Planet for kids up to 11 years of age)

Not available school holidays, public holidays and student free days.