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LaserForce @ L.E.X👽👀 Book Now! Gen 8 is @ L.E.X.

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L.E.X. is Proud to Announce the Arrival of LaserForce Gen-8!

Prepare to Challenge the Planets Most Advanced Lasertag System.

Next Generation Lasertag has Touched Down. Only at L.E.X. Launceston.

Bookings available Now! (play up to 3 games per session)

Heads Up Recruit… your team needs you!

Your ship has crash landed in hostile territory and has suffered damage, your only option is to fight your way to victory. Be careful who you trust… they may not be who they seem.

Prepare your battle pack and phaser unit, learn to use it, others may be depending on you…

Stay frosty as you enter the double story LaserForce maze, move in for a decisive unsuspected tag, dive head first into enemy fire if you think you can handle the heat, or co-ordinate with your team to take down the opposition and their base. Tag your opponents with pin point precision using your instincts and the battle suit you have been issued.

No matter the play style, no matter the objective, LaserForce Launceston is YOUR premium laser tag venue!

New Advanced Kiosk Access and Global Memberships Available. Be the Best…..Play the Rest……Across the Planet.

Please read our L.E.X Covid-19 and Safety Rules by clicking on the bar at the top of the page prior to your booking.